Something for the whole gang: ProvinciaArkiOn

Provincia’s wellbeing project was launched by its front-line staff and the rest of the team has now joined in. When your everyday life is in balance, your mind and body are energised both at work and outside it. 

Human resources and financial management specialist Provincia is serious about the wellbeing of its staff, but the way it goes about achieving a better everyday is anything but. Provincia and Wellbeing Superstars by Liikkuva Suomi’s wellbeing coaching kicked off in January 2023 with front-line employees, and in April the entire staff was invited to join in. 

Provincia’s Communications Manager Tuuli Ristola participated in the coaching together with a team of supervisors. “It was really good that the supervisors took ownership of the coaching first. In order to lead wellbeing at work, you have to feel good yourself,” says Ristola, describing her own feelings about the first few days of the coaching period. 

At the beginning of April 2023, all staff were invited to join the ProvinciaArkiOn wellbeing project. The coaching was launched under the theme Steps to wellbeing in everyday life. 

“Our aim is to identify small everyday actions and insights to improve the daily lives of everyone working at Provincia. A delicious and healthy breakfast was a great start to the kick-off day, and the group seemed enthusiastic about our common goal,” says Ristola. 

In a hectic working life, staying fit and healthy is critical. People are the most important asset of any company, which is why Provincia's wellbeing at work programme focuses on an early support model, and on addressing challenging issues. 

Wellbeing at work is now being addresses through ProvinciaArkiOn wellbeing coaching, a joint initiative between Provincia and Wellbeing Superstars. Its main themes are steps to wellbeing, self-management and brain ergonomics for professional workers. 

The kick-off brought the message home to the whole staff. “The lovely kick-off morning set the scene for what’s to come, and it's a good springboard to start building a new kind of everyday life.” That was the message from the audience. Follow the Provincia social media and see how their insights and vibes could improve your own everyday wellbeing!