Siemens Financial Services: community and better recovery

As well as providing financial solutions to its customers, Siemens Financial Services takes care of its staff. Collaborative wellbeing coaching and focusing on rest and recovery is good for both the team and its clients. 

Siemens Financial Services (SFS) provides tailored, flexible financial solutions to businesses. Comprehensive financing solutions enable client companies to invest in new equipment, machinery and vehicles, without tying up capital in large one-off investments or straining liquidity.  

SFS is also holistic in its focus on the wellbeing of its work community. In the early stages of collaboration with Wellbeing Superstars by Liikkuva Suomi, it was important for SFS that wellbeing coaching would not just focus on improving physical fitness. 

For SFS, it’s important to motivate as many employees as possible to participate in the coaching, and to increase the sense of community at work. SFS actively monitors the wellbeing of its employees through various employee surveys, and felt that cooperation with Wellbeing Superstars by Liikkuva Suomi could address the development areas identified in the surveys. 

Siemens Financial Services wanted to focus on supporting its employees’ rest and recovery in particular. Recovery is a broad concept that includes good sleep, taking breaks during the day, and balancing activity and rest. The feedback from the first ten weeks of coaching was very positive. The use of the activity bracelet, and HeiaHeia as a collaborative, inclusive platform have been particularly well received. 

Marianna Poutanen from Siemens Financial Services tells us more about the team's experience: “The best thing about using HeiaHeia as a platform is the encouragement of colleagues. Colleagues share photos and updates of their everyday life. It adds a sense of community and the feeling of being a team.” 

“Planning the wellbeing coaching with Wellbeing Superstars by Liikkuva Suomi has been easy and enjoyable. It’s really inspiring to brainstorm ideas and thoughts together with the SFS steering group and the WBS coaches, and we have felt that our wishes have been listened to,” says Poutanen. 

WBS coach Kirsi Roos sees much to commend in SFS's approach: “Developing wellbeing at work is a long-term process, and it is worth starting the journey with the themes and challenges that the company's staff have raised. The Siemens Financial Services’ steering group has played an important role in developing the coaching, and building a feeling of community. It has been a pleasure to be part of SFS in building a sustainable journey towards better everyday life and wellbeing for all.”