POP Pohjanmaa: Wellbeing at work pops!

POP Bank is actively involved in the Responsible Workplace campaign, and at POP Pohjanmaa, that means supporting a lively community spirit and managing hectic workloads. 

POP Bank is part of the Responsible Workplace community committed to developing responsible working models, and to making a concrete impact on the work community and the world. POP employees are united by responsibility, a passion for finding answers, and bold innovation. 

At POP Pohjanmaa, one of the most important principles of a responsible workplace is supporting the wellbeing of employees. In a busy professional work environment, employees need tools to manage the psychosocial stresses of everyday life. 

“Our employees have been asking for support related to recovery and wellbeing, and the previous wellbeing coaching programme with Wellbeing Superstars by Liikkuva Suomi was liked by of our staff. Recovery, stress management, and improving everyday activity as a counterbalance to sedentary work came up when we considered important topics in our wellbeing at work working group,” says Heidi Alaviitala, HR and Administration Director at POP Pohjanmaa. 

 POP Pohjanmaa operates in several different locations, and the members of the work community are not necessarily in active contact with all of their colleagues in other offices. That’s why it’s important that holistic wellbeing coaching increases team cohesion. The Wellbeing Superstars coaching, and especially the team challenges on the coaching platform, have encouraged POP employees to share their own wellbeing activities, and to encourage colleagues to make active everyday choices. 

“Team challenges have created a sense of community and brought people closer together than usual,” says Alaviitala. 

Tiina Ven, Wellbeing Superstars’ Head Coach, explains the background to the community-based coaching: “The challenge wellbeing programmes often face is that those who need support the most are the most difficult to activate. We help to make wellbeing an important work issue among others, and to build a corporate culture that genuinely supports wellbeing at work. At its best, wellbeing coaching happens on a continuum, where small everyday actions and choices create the basis for better wellbeing at work and at home.” 

These principles are now also applied at POP Pohjanmaa. Community-based wellbeing coaching is a shared journey towards a better everyday life. It's about encouraging others and valuing your own achievements around recovery, activity, and a healthy diet.