OP Kangasala: for the customers’ benefit

OP Kangasala is a local, financially sound, and independent cooperative bank whose operations are guided by its values of friendliness, accountability and shared success.

The diverse banking and insurance needs of OP Kangasala's more than 25,000 customers are looked after by 40 finance professionals working in the bank's branches in Kangasala, Pälkäne and Luopioinen.

“The bank is owned by our customers: individuals, companies and farmers,” says OP Kangasala’s Managing Director Jyrki Turtiainen. “We are here for them, and in order to serve our customers’ needs in the best possible manner, it’s important to us that our knowledgeable staff is also doing well.”

In February 2024, OP Kangasala and Wellbeing Superstars launched a coaching programme focusing on developing wellbeing at work with an inspiring motivational lecture by ice hockey guru Antti Pennanen.

OP Kangasala’s experts range from young professionals to seasoned experts, and the bank has already invested a great deal in the wellbeing of its staff through sports days, events and activities, wellbeing benefits, and staff pulse surveys.

Wellbeing at work and at home is also close to Turtiainen's heart. “Before, we have focused a lot on exercise and activity, but now we want to highlight the importance of holistic wellbeing and focus especially on mental wellbeing and team spirit.”

Wellbeing Superstars' coach Saila Hilvola recognises the industry’s challenges. “The banking and financial sector is changing rapidly, and OP Kangasala's experts need new ways to manage their busy professional lives. Work issues often rise to the surface over other important things, and it’s easy to neglect everyday wellbeing. We are now working together to solve these challenges through various aspects of holistic wellbeing and by inspiring the whole team.”

The first coaching session’s theme on wellbeing at work is the most important one: time management. Already the first meeting with OP Kangasala’s management team resulted in many ideas on how time management can be recognised as an important area of development in the everyday work of the bank's experts.

When you’re in a demanding specialist role, managing a sometimes hectic workload is the key to high-quality customer service. That’s a matter of pride for OP Kangasala.

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