Korsisaari: From the driver’s seat

If you have ever driven along Southern Finland’s roads, you will have spotted a Korsisaari taxi, bus, or coach. Founded in 1929 in Nurmijärvi, Korsisaari has transported absolutely everyone, from friends heading on a cruise to teenagers on a class trip, and from elderly mothers to new ones.

The Korsisaari Group consists of 12 companies with shared values of environmental, social and governance responsibility. The Korsisaari Group holds the respected Responsible Transport Company mark granted by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. Korsisaari’s guiding sustainability principles include quality, safety, customer focus, and environmental management, as well as the wellbeing, work ability, and satisfaction of its staff.

“For us, sustainability and responsibility are about commitment to the continued development of our activities and services,” explains Marjut Kuosmanen, Human Resources Manager at Korsisaari. “We want to be a reliable partner to our clients, and a preferred employer to our staff. We want to offer positive employee experiences, and truly care about the wellbeing of our staff. That’s why we joined forces with Wellbeing Superstars to build long-term wellbeing at Korsisaari.”

Korsisaari and Wellbeing Superstars kicked of a wellbeing coaching pilot with 16 staff members in October 2023, inviting drivers, office workers, and maintenance depot staff members to join. The pilot group meets once a week at the Nurmijärvi HQ, and every other week the coaching session is led by Wellbeing Superstars’ expert coaches Tiina Ven and Saila Hilvola.

“Working in transport can be very sedentary whether you’re in the office or driving, and that’s why our goal for this year-long pilot is to mobilise the group, build long-term motivation, and find meaningful activities for everyone,” says Head of Coaching Tiina Ven.

The Korsisaari wellbeing pilot started with an Energy Test, a comprehensive lifestyle mapping exercise including a questionnaire on sleep, nutrition, and managing with everyday life and work, as well as tests measuring muscular strength and the health of the circulatory system.

The Energy Test provides initial measurements which help participants reflect on their current lifestyle. The results of the Energy Test also help the pilot project participants to identify what to focus on in their personal coaching journey, and to track their personal goals.

HR Manager Marjut Kuosmanen is enthusiastic about the possibilities of the coaching: “We have fantastic people working here, and we are keen to support their wellbeing and work ability. Working in the growing transport sector is really interesting, and we also want to encourage new people into the profession. Korsisaari is a great place to work!”

Tiina Ven from Wellbeing Superstars agrees with Kuosmanen: “Responsible companies who care about their employees’ wellbeing are sought-after employers – and often building better wellbeing starts with the smallest of steps. It was great to hear from one of the coaching pilot participants how the simple act of signing up for the coaching was motivation enough to go for a little walk on a driving break, rather than sitting in the bus and waiting!”