Helmi SP: explosive insights and champagne yoga

Helmi Säästöpankki's collaboration with Wellbeing Superstars by Liikkuva Suomi started with champagne yoga and an explosive insight: developing wellbeing at work does not have to be a tough job. 

The 2021 Helmi SP bank's employee survey highlighted two important themes: wellbeing and community. “The Covid pandemic had isolated employees, and we wanted to find a unifying force that would bring the team back together,” says HR Director Tiina Kärhä. 

The first concrete step in Helmi SP's journey towards better wellbeing was the introduction of the bicycle benefit in the summer 2022. It was closely followed by wellbeing at work coaching with the inspiring Wellbeing Superstars coaches. 

“Our old frenemies at Lammin Säästöpankki praised WBS’s coaching and working together with Wellbeing Superstars felt like a good way for us to start building a more balanced everyday life, and to focus on rest and recovery – maybe even throwing in a bit of playful competition to challenge the Lammi team,” Tiina laughs. 

Helmi SP's coaching goals continue to evolve, but it was clear already in the first few weeks that the journey together will not be an onerous one. The team has already had time to do yoga together, and have had 18,000 steps of fun cleaning an office that closed down. 

The whole team is getting involved in the wellbeing coaching, each in their own way. “The most striking insight for me has been that developing wellbeing at work doesn't have to become a job,” says Tiina. “We don't have to roll around in tar and feathers, or run marathons. Instead, we encourage each other in small everyday actions, from cleaning the gutters to going for a jog." 

Antti Luukkanen, Wellbeing Superstars’ Managing Director, applauds Helmi SP's approach: “Our job is to create a framework for long-term wellbeing at work, throw professionals into the ring, and support Helmi SP’s journey towards a better tomorrow. We want to help our clients to build a better future for their employees, and to create a path to success. With our experienced coaches and knowledge-based coaching packages, we engage the whole team and create lasting change.”