From low to high season: the outcomes

The annual rhythm of the Verkatehdas event venue fluctuates from low to high season. During busy periods, the team’s workload increases and it can take a long time to recover from the high season. What were the outcomes from the wellbeing at work coaching provided by Wellbeing Superstars? 

The team at Hämeenlinna’s Verkatehdas makes hundreds of events a reality every year, but the seasonal nature of operations and the long working days of the season affect wellbeing at work. Wellbeing Superstars by Liikkuva Suomi built a coaching package for Verkatehdas’ staff focusing on rest and recovery, helping team members to recognise and manage stress better. 

The common thread running through the coaching was how small, everyday changes reflected in an increase in wellbeing. These were identified with the help of Firstbeat smart devices which made it easy to monitor personal development and the body's response to stress and recovery. 

Over five months, the coaching spurred many team members to reflect on their own wellbeing. 

Production Manager Ann-Mari Virta found both peace and renewed energy in the coaching: “The coaching reminded me of the importance of rest. As a mum, I reflected on how my own resources are limited, and how you don't always have to be able to do everything. The theatre is the perfect way for me to recover! It was great that my employer made this coaching possible.” 

Wellbeing Superstars’ Head Coach Tiina Ven coached the team from the beginning. “The Verkatehdas team are committed to their work but sometimes struggle to put work behind, especially during the high season. It's a real challenge to find the right balance. During the training, we discussed the importance of lifestyle at length. The impact of small everyday changes showed really clearly on the team’s measurement results during our team meetings. In a busy event industry, staying fit and recovering from work is super important.”