ALM Partners: a balancing act

ALM Partners doesn’t idealise the traditional work hard, play hard mentality of the financial industry. ALMP understands that high-quality expertise can’t be attained with a tired brain, and that's why rest and recovery are paramount.

ALM Partners provides the financial industry with leading expertise and solutions in risk management, regulatory reporting, and data management. We work hard, but it's important to balance that with time off to relax and recover,says Jarkko Pitkänen, Marketing Associate at ALM Partners.

 ALMP does not glorify the traditional work hard, play hard mentality of the financial sector, but builds a genuine understanding of what a good work-life balance looks like.

ALMP’s collaboration with Wellbeing Superstars by Liikkuva Suomi started in early 2023, and provides tools for managing a balanced everyday life with the support of expert coaches. At ALMP, wellbeing at work is everyone's business,and team spirit is fostered through joint activities and sporting events.

Emmi Jokinen from Wellbeing Superstars explains the background of the coaching: Workplaces can be very different from each other, and that’s why our coaching packages are always built on the basis of the organisation's uniqueneeds. At ALMP, coaching focuses on balancing work and everyday life. We have just kicked off a coaching period on brain ergonomics during which were looking at how to support capacity at work and recovery in a demanding professional environment.

 During the coaching, a lecture by paralympic athlete and wheelchair curlerHenry Manni provoked thoughts. Manni inspired everyone to be a hero in their own life: A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Manni's maxim can also be applied to work-life balance. Today more than ever we understand the importance of mental and physical recovery.

Its a well-known fact that work expands to fill the time available. What if we made recovery one of the most important, goal-oriented aspects of our work, alongside everything else? When it gets busy, it's worth thinking about how you can support your own recovery and wellbeing so that you have enough energy both at work and outside it. There are many ways to do this. For some, sleeping 20 minutes longer at night works, for others, turning off their phones and smart devices at 9 pm.

High-quality expertise cannot be sustained well with a tired brain. That's why ALMP's aim is to achieve a harmonious balance of activity at work and peace outside it.