Provincia: the journey continues

At HR and financial management company Provincia, everyday wellbeing is firmly on the agenda. Let’s take a peek at how the year-long ArkiOn programme went in 2023!

Provincia's HR and financial management experts are highly skilled professionals in their own field. For the company, balancing the demands of the job and sometimes hectic schedules with the development of employee wellbeing and experience is critical. In 2023, wellbeing at work went straight to the top of the agenda through ArkiOn wellbeing coaching, a collaboration between Provincia and Wellbeing Superstars.

The main themes of the ArkiOn project included steps to a healthy everyday life, rest and recovery, and brain ergonomics critical for IT workers. In addition to the weekly coaching themes over the course of the year, Provincia and Wellbeing Superstars brought the team together and supported wellbeing at work through recreation days, wellbeing campaigns, workshops for managers, and one-to-one discussions.

Provincia's social media frequently featured insights and experiences on the journey towards better everyday wellbeing. Check out Provincia's Facebook and LinkedIn pages and meet Wellbeing Superstars of the Month Marita, Tuija and Kirsi!

By the end of 2023, the ArkiOn coaching programme had brought with itself many benefits and positive changes. Among staff, many had increased their daily rest and exercise, reduced screen time, made changes to their eating habits, and got more sleep.

These figures also reflect the positive effects of the coaching:

  • Employees’ assessment of their current ability to work: 8/10
  • ArkiOn has supported well-being at work: 77%
  • Lifestyle changes achieved: 66%

During the programme, Provincia’s team had access to the HeiaHeia activity platform, which inspired many to record their physical activity and wellbeing, and to encourage their colleagues. During the year, 81 colleagues who used HeiaHeia recorded a staggering number of achievements:

  • 9,287 exercise logs
  • 10,647 wellbeing actions
  • 18,973 encouragements for colleagues

This is how Provincia’s team members described the ArkiOn coaching:

“A social and fun way to have playful activity competitions.”

“The topics were great and thought-provoking.”

“It was a nice change from the daily routine, and the variety of the activities was good.”

“It's nice to see the company investing in the wellbeing of its employees!”

“This programme has helped me keep in mind the need to invest in my own wellbeing.”

Feedback from the Provincia team for the ArkiOn coaching also warmed Wellbeing Superstars' Head Coach Tiina Ven’s heart: “It has been a privilege to develop wellbeing at work with Provincia. Our long-term collaboration will continue into 2024 through jointly chosen themes in the Wellbeing Yearbook, line manager coaching, and team away days.”

Provincia’s CEO Anna-Kaisa Packalén is also looking forward to continuing the collaboration with Wellbeing Superstars. “Wellbeing has become part of our company strategy and wellbeing discussions are now part of our everyday life. We have also worked together with Wellbeing Superstars to spread the word through internal and external communications. Investing in wellbeing at work and developing employer experience is hugely important to us. As a fast-growing company, we want to not only retain our great experts but also attract the best new people to join us to build reliable, bold solutions for our owner-clients.”

When everyday life is in balance, mind and body are energised both at work and outside it. At Provincia, everyday wellbeing is a critical element of working life.