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Long-lasting change is born out of small everyday steps towards better health and wellbeing. Our state-of-the-art wellness technology solutions and coaching platforms help engage, support and encourage your team.

The use of intelligent technology plays a key role in Wellbeing Superstars coaching, combining data insights with a people-focused approach.

Change your perspective, use technology to engage and enthuse. Choose your wellbeing data tracking tools, track what matters, and enable your people to do the same.


HeiaHeia Coaching Platform

The HeiaHeia coaching platform brings your team together to cheer each other on and to track their individual wellbeing goals and achievements.

Wellbeing Superstars use HeiaHeia’s technology to encourage everyone to take part at their own fitness level, through weekly coaching topics, team challenges and insightful wellness tracking.

HeiaHeia tracking


Firstbeat Personal Balance

Firstbeat’s personal wellness technology is based on physiological measures providing individual insights into exercise, stress, recovery and sleep.

Integrate Firstbeat Life’s personal wellness trackers into your team’s wellbeing journey and help them measure the balance between stress and recovery, for better health and performance.

Firstbeat personal balance


Garmin Fitness Tracker

Garmin’s Body Battery, fitness and sleep tracking technology help establish long-lasting improvements in health and wellbeing.

Integrate Garmin’s smart devices to combine individual activity with data-driven Garmin metrics, and help your team to recharge their body batteries, both mentally and physically.

Garmin fitness tracker


Energy Test

The Energy Test is a comprehensive wellbeing and fitness mapping test that measures your team’s starting point on the wellbeing journey.

Take the Energy Test at regular intervals to help your team members to understand their current health status, body performance and overall energy levels.

Energy test

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