Saila Hilvola



I’m Saila Hilvola, a Wellbeing Superstars coach, an advocate of holistic wellbeing, and a mover and shaker of bodies and minds. I’m an ever-moving Duracell bunny with experience in education, teaching and coaching.

For me, health and holistic wellbeing are hugely important values. I strive towards them every day, both at work and in my free time. In my work as a teacher, wellbeing coach and shift manager, I have experienced both the intense pleasure of work, and the stressful demands of a hectic working day.

I follow a solution-focused and person-centred approach in my coaching, to help people change their lifestyles and to promote wellbeing. For me, all change starts in the mind, and by strengthening mindsets we can also strengthen everyday wellbeing behaviours.

The most important thing for me in maintaining my own wellbeing is to get enough sleep and to keep a regular daily routine. A positive working day includes wonderful encounters with clients and colleagues, laughter, accomplishments, and the feeling that I have made the world that little bit better.


  • Master of Arts (Education), teacher specialising in physical education
  • Personal Trainer
  • Solution-focused Coach (Life Coach)
  • Fitness Coach
  • Basic Studies in Nutrition
  • Numerous training courses in the field of physical education, including mobility, functional training and kettlebells


  • Vocational Rehabilitation Coach for young people aged 16-29, Kela
  • Head coach of ketogenic diet-based KETO49 training, FITFARM
  • Wellbeing Coach, Personal Trainer and Entrepreneur, FullFocus Coaching
  • Group Exercise Instructor, Forever Club
  • Class Teacher, City of Hämeenlinna

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