Aki Helander


Development Director

I’m Aki Helander, Development Director at Wellbeing Superstars, former serial entrepreneur and current digital nomad.

My business education and my experience as an entrepreneur have taught me that you have to seize the opportunity when it arises. For me, life is an adventure, and besides tackling new challenges, one idea shines crystal clear in everything I do: working and succeeding with inspiring people makes the impossible possible.

As the Development Director at Wellbeing Superstars, I’m fortunate to see how seriously our clients take their employees’ wellbeing, every single day. People are our clients’ most important asset, and that shows in both their words and their deeds.

A similar interest in people propels me forward on my digital nomadic journey across Europe and Africa. Meeting people is what I enjoy the most on my travels, and my encounters have made me more open-minded. I meet incredibly cool, interesting people who live their lives according to their own values. That's what I also aspire to, both at work and in my free time.


  • Master of Business Administration, MBA
  • Specialist Qualification in Business Management


  • Account Manager, Lecklé
  • Entrepreneur and Managing Director, AH Business Consulting
  • Managing Director and Co-owner, Ahvenisto Action Park
  • Managing Director and Co-owner, Klubben Sport Finland, EasySwim Finland, Sport Venue Services

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